Songvid Show and Contest

Supernatural?  Check.  Sherlock?  Check.  Sentinel?  Check.  Stargate… You get the idea.

Our Songvid show last year presented over 20 vids covering multiple fandoms, from both the gen and slash POV, dramatic and humorous.  It’s a fun evening organized by Jamie Ritchey who created the vid on the right.

Are you a vidder?  The form below will reserve your place in the show.

Contest Rules

  1. You may enter a maximum of 3 songvids with a total running time no longer than 15 minutes.
  2. Entries for the vid show should fall into one of these categories if at all possible: Gen Drama, Gen Humor, Slash Drama, Slash Humor. Prizes will be awarded for a Favorite and a Runner-up in each category and an overall Best in Show will also be given.
  3. RevelCon accepts songvids in most formats, .WMV or .AVI are recommended. You may mail a physical DVD or send an email with the URL to a website where the songvids can be downloaded.
  4. RevelCon produces a compilation DVD of each year’s song-vids. If you do not wish to be included on the DVD, please tell us. If we have your permission to include your songvids, please initial the consent box in the form below.
  5. All entrants must be Revelcon members. If you are not planning on attendiing Revelcon, you may purchase a supporting membership for $10.
  6. We would prefer that songvids and entry forms be sent in ahead of time, but you may turn in entry forms along with songvids on DVDs at the con.
  7. Vids must not be older than 18 months.
  8. Deadline for con entries is noon Friday.

Songvid Entry Form

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