A Banquet? At RevelCon?

Yes, there was a banquet at RevelCon 27 and a good time was had by all. It sounds kind of old school, doesn’t it?  But, that’s the point, in a way.

After last year’s convention, all of us on the concom agreed that our favorite event was the Tea Party.  It was great to have so many people in the same room, enjoying the game and the tea.  We wanted to add another event like that.  And what do fans do when we get together?  Eat!

Having a banquet is also a response to feedback we got last year about long waits in the hotel restaurant.  In a way,  a banquet is just a REALLY large reservation where everyone has ordered ahead and you don’t have to split the check!

The banquet will be on Saturday evening before the Cabaret.  The cost for a ticket is $20.00.

Please join us for what will hopefully become a new tradition for RevelCon.

2017 Banquet is closed