Information for Resellers

Thank you for bringing your resale art to RevelCon. The only restriction we have is that you can not sell art by an artist who has reserved panels for the show. Most of the artists bringing or sending art do fantasy art. We hope you will bring some media art! The following artists have reserved space for this convention:

  • Barbara Fister-Liltz
  • Frank Liltz
  • Daniel Cortopassi
  • Gretchen Brummer
  • Gail Hall
  • Sarah Clemens
  • Theresa Mather
  • Faye Barber
  • Leah Rosenthal
  • Heather Butina-Sutton
  • Annie Walton
  • Scott Zrubek
  • Christina Hess

If this is your first time on the selling end of an art show here is what you need to know.  You have several options for pricing your items.  You are not required to use all of them.  In a nutshell, if you want your piece to be eligible for the auction you must set a minimum bid.  If your piece has received one bid by the time the Art Show closes on Saturday afternoon, the bidder wins it.  If it receives more than one bid it goes into the auction.

You can also set a Quick Sale Price.  This means that someone can buy your piece at anytime during the art show if the piece has no bids. The QSP price should be higher than the minimum bid.

The third pricing option is the After Auction Price.  If you set a minimum bid and received no bidders you can designate an After Auction price. The After Auction price appears on the bid sheet, you should make sure it is higher than the QSP and/or the minimum bid. Art with no After Auction price will not be sold on Sunday morning.

We are using an online art show management system called ArtShowHelper.  The art team would really appreciate it if you could send an email to us at to let us know you are bringing art.  We will add you to the database and send you the web address so you can add your piece or pieces into the database.  The system will create and print your control and bid sheets.  Since you are reselling, please add the artist’s last name in parentheses after the title of the work ad include your contact information as the artist.

Art Show Rules

  • To resell art you must be an attending member of the convention.
  • No resale of artwork of artists who have purchased panel space will be allowed. The only space available for “resold” art is the empty panels at the time the Art Show opens. But don’t worry, we will make room!
  • All art must be labeled with the your name along with the title of the piece. Please make sure the label matches the Bid Sheet title.
  • The Art Show will be open for registration Friday at 10:00AM.
  • There will be a 10% commission on all sales.
  • All art must be ready to hang (except 3D pieces).
  • If you are mailing art it must arrive by Mar. 6.
Auction Rules
  • 2 or more bids sends your piece to auction.
  • Pieces that receive one bid go to that bidder, so set your minimum bid accordingly.
  • You can also designate a Quick Sale Price and an After Auction Price. Pieces without an After Auction price will not be sold on Sunday.
Art Show Bid Sheets
Art Show Control Sheet