Using Art Show Helper (ASH)

Art Show Helper, created by Scott Zrubek, is an online art show management system that manages the backend of the art show for the convention and streamlines paperwork for artists.  We encourage all our artists and re-sellers to make use of this tool.

Access Art Show Helper at this address.
This is the screen you will see.  On the left, click on “As an Artist” to proceed.


Logging in

You should have received an email from the art show inviting you to use ASH along with the email address to use to log in.

On the right side of the screen, type in the the email address you were sent and click the button below labeled “Set your email”



Picking a Convention

On the sidebar menu, in the Artist section at the top,  click “Pick a Convention”.

Select RevelCon 28 and click on the button labeled “Pick the convention”.

Also, take a minute to check your contact info by clicking “Edit your information”.  If you were already in the database, this information might be outdated.

Art Work

This is the main menu.  We are done with the top section, Basics.

Now, it is time to enter your artwork in the database.

In the Art Work section, click “Add/Edit Art Show Pieces.”


Add Pieces

For each piece fill out the form and click the button “Store the Art Piece Information.” The piece information appears in a table under the form titled “Art Already Entered.”  Repeat until all your pieces are entered.

To edit the information, select the entry and click the “Edit the Selected Piece” button.

Add Prints

Add Prints the same way you did art show pieces. Under the Print Show area of the menu, select “Add/Edit print show entries.”

Print Documentation

Control Sheet

Now, for the slick part.  Now that all your information is entered, sit back and let Art Show Helper format your Control and Bid Sheets.

Click the “Print Art Show Control Sheets” menu item.

You can now print your control sheet.  If you are using Chrome, right click on the form and select print. Firefox users print from the menu bar of the browser.


Print Documentation

Bid sheets

And, finally, create your bid sheets.  Click “Print bid sheets”.

No muss, no fuss.  Just cut and tape!