Friday Night After Hours

Join us Friday night for our After Hours P.J. Parties. This year, along with our annual Gen & Slash parties there is also a DiNozzo Farewell party. Rendezvous at the Hospitality Suite about 30 minutes after the video show finishes to grab munchies and find out where the parties are located.

‘Across the Pond’ for the Gen & Slash Parties

Spotlight your favorite overseas show or give some love to your American characters as they travel abroad! Perhaps let the UK versions of the characters meet their American counterparts?

The Fiction Swap: Bring 5-10 copies of your favorite story to pass around and trade with other fans. This can be your own work or your favorite writers! Please make sure contact/link/website information is available for attendees to find more once you get them hooked!

Saying Goodbye to Tony DiNozzo

It still doesn’t seem real. NCIS without DiNozzo? Let’s process our grief together. Come ready to share how you want to see Tony written off, what you are afraid they will do, and/or what you think they will do. Since it is DiNozzo, you know what will be topping the pizzas.