Art Show & Auction

Art Show & Auction

The goal of the RevelCon Art Show and Auction is to offer our members an entertaining show and our artists an organized, well-promoted venue to sell their work.  You will find traditional art, portraits and illustrations, as well as fan-friendly arts and crafts and other merchandise in the art show and we encourage you to come in and find something that speaks to you, loudly enough to take it home with you.  If you are flying in but just have to have something that will be difficult to take home with you, the Art Show staff will help you with logistics.

The artists have the option of setting a Quick Sale Price, as well as a minimum bid and an After Auction Price.  If they list a Quick Sale Price you can pay for it right away.  The piece will be marked as sold, but it will remain hanging until the end of the art show.  If there is a minimum bid on a piece and you are the only bidder you win the piece and pay for it after the art show or on Sunday morning.  Pieces with more than one bid are auction on saturday night.  The After Auction price is exactly what it sounds like.  On Sunday you can purchase the piece has not sold you can purchase it for the After Auction price.

Information and forms for artists can be found here.

Phoenix Art

Running out of wall space?  Does your art no longer match your fannish interests?  Revelcon is welcoming what we dubbed your Phoenix art since it is getting a second life.  This year we are doing something a little different.  In the past resale art has been welcomed, but it wasn’t eligible for inclusion in the auction.  This year, the same rules that apply to artist submitted art will apply to resale art, art with one bid goes to the bidder, two or more bids send it to auction.