2018 RevelCon Banquet

Kickoff your Saturday evening by attending the Banquet.  It will be a relaxed dinner with friends with no need to split the check.  And, speaking of checks (how is that for a transition?) the cost of your dinner is only $15!  Why?  Because we are sending you to your rooms without dessert.

Just Kidding!  Dessert will be served to everyone at the beginning of the Cabaret.  There will be a buffet with an assortment of cheesecakes, carrot cake, chocolate pie, shooters, petit fours, eclairs and cannoli.  Yum!  There will also be a cash bar.

You have a choice to make…

This year we are pleased to offer a vegetarian option, Vegetarian Lasagna.  Our meat option is Chicken Picatta.  Please use the appropriate button to make your purchase so we can give an accurate count to catering.  


Banquet – Vegetarian Option $15
Banquet – Chicken Option $15